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Buckel Family Wine

Nicole Indovino
March 20, 2021 | Nicole Indovino

What is Cinsault?

Pronounced, ‘san-so’, Cinsault is a red grape varietal that is known for its light body, fruit forward characteristics, and aromatics. Cinsault is from the south of France, most commonly found in the Languedoc region, southern Rhone, and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Cinsault can be found around the world, but it is often called other names such as Ottanvianello in Italy, Black Prince in Australia, and Pinotage in South Africa.

Most often in winemaking Cinsault is used for rosés or as a blending wine because it adds freshness, fruit, and aromatic qualities to heavier reds like Carignan, Syrah or Grenache. Some argue that because Cinsault is a high-yielding grape with lower tannins, it should just be used as a blending tool, but we definitely don’t see it that way. The lightness in body, acid, fruit forwardness and touch of spice create a wine that is incredibly drinkable on its own and ready to open in its youth. Cinsault is also very drought tolerant, can withstand high winds, and ripens earlier in the season (avoiding fall frosts), which make it a varietal that is very well suited for Colorado. We source our Cinsault from Black Bear Orchards in Palisade and they do a great job of farming the fruit!

Because it’s so drinkable, you can honestly pair our Cinsault with whatever you’re cooking! I personally recommend it with a stew or braised meat, but it is also delicious with pizza, seafood, cheese and more. It’s also a wonderful summer wine to have outside, with friends, served slightly chilled. Cheers!


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