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Buckel Family Wine

Our Family

Buckel Family Wine

Buckel Family Wine is a small family owned winery in the heart of Colorado. We produce Old-World styled wines with minimal intervention; allowing the terroir and grapes of Colorado to express themselves. We pride ourselves in making outstanding wine, while living in the place we love most, and doing the things that make us happiest.

Together, around the Buckel family table, we nurture our affection and appreciation for good people and really good wine.  In our family, a love of Colorado and good wine, runs deep.

From an indispensable relationship with the Western Slope’s incredible farmers and keen attention at every stage of wine development, to a down-right loyal enthusiasm for sharing seasonal, exceptionally-good, locally-sourced food around the table each evening, life in Colorado is just too good. And always calls for really good wine.

Our Mission

To fulfill the appetite of the adventurous wine drinker with wine that expresses the absolute best of the land, climate, and growers in Colorado.

The Winemaker

Joe Buckel

Joe Buckel, our co-founder and winemaker, has been in the business of wine for over a decade. Highly passionate about the process of making wine — from walking vineyards, harvesting grapes, and fermenting wine to barreling, racking, and bottling the juice — Joe’s wines have an Old World style to them.  With a palate schooled from an early age in his father’s cellar, replete with legendary wines from Europe and California, Joe has worked as enologist at Flowers Vineyard and Winery, BR Cohn Winery and winemaker at Sutcliffe Vineyards. His talent has garnered 90 point ratings from Wine Enthusiast.


The Nutritionist

Shamai Buckel

Shamai grew up in the southwest as an outdoor enthusiast, spending free time outside from a young age.  She now satiates her quest for healthy living and strong family values through her love of pairing incredible wine with good, local, and healthy home-cooked food. As a functional  nutritionist, Shamai’s first-rate ability in crafting delicious, healthy meals for her family has shaped Buckel Family Wine to be more than just the bottle-on-the-table.

Together, Joe and Shamai work earnestly to make the wine and food pairing experience refreshing, unique, distinctive and adventurous.

Live Fully.     Eat Well.     Drink Good Wine.